Buy my stuff

I'm leaving Japan, so all of these things are for sale! Everything is in good condition and everything is  probably 3 years old now (except the fridge and washing machine). All needs to go by September 2nd!

Send me an email/line/facebook/twitter message if you want to buy anything of the list. Buying more things will get you a discount. Pick up at my home only, and any additional handling/moving costs are not included.
If I don't specify an asking price, make any reasonable bid. If you don't like my asking price, make a reasonable bid anyway 😉!

What Details (To Be Added) New price Asking price  Photo
1x Countertop dishwasher + accessories Panasonic NP-TCB1-W ¥ 19,800 ¥ 5,000
1x cupboard IKEA "Kallax", black, 4x2 shelves ¥ 7,999 ¥ 2,500
1x Electric fan
1x Electric heater
1x RESERVED Rice cooker SHARP ジャー炊飯器 5.5合(1L)タイプKS-S10E-S ¥ 6,350 ¥ 2,000
1x RESERVED sofa/bed IKEA "Vilasund" dark grey with "Mattarp" mattress
As a sofa, it is 0.80 x 1.60
The bed  is 2.00 x 1.20
¥ 70,990 ¥ 20,000
1x RESERVED double bed + mattress IKEA "Fjellse", 2.00 x 1.40
+ IKEA "Luröy" slat bottom
+ IKEA "Malvik" mattress
¥ 44,980 ¥ 10,000
2x RESERVED bedside cupboard IKEA
1x RESERVED Chair IKEA "Poäng", black ¥ 4,990 ¥ 1,000
3x RESERVED bar stool IKEA "Stig" + "Cilla" cushion ¥ 2,698  ¥ 750
9x RESERVED Tatami lay-on-floor mats square (82x82x1.7cm) (純国産ユニット畳 6枚組『あぐら』ブラウン82×82×1.7cm 軽量タイプ)
4x RESERVED Tatami lay-on-floor mats rectangular (164x82x1.7cm) (like above - fits together)
1x RESERVED Washing machine it's
1x RESERVED Refrigerator it's
1x RESERVED Microwave/oven SHARP オーブンレンジ 20L ホワイト系 RE-S205-W ¥ 15,474 ¥ 4,000
1x RESERVED Kitchen cupboard/trolley IKEA "BEKVÄM" ¥ 6,999 ¥ 2,000
1x RESERVED Kitchen step stool IKEA "BEKVÄM"
1x RESERVED Vacuum cleaner bagless, TWINBIRD サイクロン式家庭用クリーナー YC-E019SBK スケルトンブラックYC-E019SBK ¥ 4,590 ¥ 1,500
1x RESERVED Toaster/waffle maker
1x RESERVED Water boiler
1x RESERVED Small guitar amplifier Marshall 10W
1x RESERVED Air conditioner Fujitsu AS-R28D-W ¥ 82,000* ¥ 15,000
1x RESERVED Bread making machine ZOJIRUSHI ホームベーカリーパステルピンク BB-KW10-PH ¥ 12,000
1x RESERVED Soldering iron + accessories
1x RESERVED Stick blender TESCOM PureNatura スティックブレンダーホワイトTHM321-W ¥ 2,978 ¥ 1,000

*: Values need to be checked