I am one of the developers of AMUSE, the Astrophysical Multipurpose Software Environment. Recently, I contributed the AMUSE interface to Phantom, a fast smoothed particle hydrodynamics code. A beta version of this interface is available on PyPI:

pip install amuse-phantom



The MASC (“make a star cluster”) module in AMUSE is an easy way to create a star cluster. It supports various initial distributions (such as Plummer and King profiles and a fractal distribution) and initial mass functions. Support for premordial binary- and multiple stellar systems is planned. The module requires the AMUSE framework and can be installed via pip:

pip install amuse-masc



Fresco is a tool to create realistic, Hubble-emulating images from a simulation. Among others, it includes support for extinction by interstellar dust. The module requires the AMUSE framework, and optionally the amuse-fi module. It can be installed via pip:

pip install amuse-fi amuse-fresco